María José Siri brings Aida in the greatest theatres of the world
INTERVIEW – The famous Uruguayan soprano, a long time resident of Verona, returns to the Arena for the 95th Opera Festival with two performances of Aida – The staff

Saimir Pirgu: «Only the very best artists for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony»
INTERVIEW –  Mr. Pirgu has already performed in the Arena in Don Giovanni and Rigoletto, while this year he is the tenor soloist for the Gala concert: «The Ninth Symphony is a musical miracle and the vocal quartet must give their very best in order to do it justice» – The staff

Annalisa Stroppa: from the Arena of Verona to Bregenz via La Scala
INTERVIEW – «The Arena of Verona is an artistic and cultural patrimony appreciated all over the world, an open air venue with all the difficulties that type of situation entail» –

Gianfranco Cecchele, the legend of a tenor from Veneto
INTERVIEW – Family first, a 48-years career, 444 performances of Aida, 10 times at the Arena. In Paris with Callas for the last Norma of the Divina. This year he was awarded the Maria Callas special career prize, 70 years after Callas’ debut at the Arena di Verona. He used to put on the make up by himself – Roberto Tirapelle

Leo Nucci, the most praised Rigoletto ever
INTERVIEW – a 51 year long career, 40 years from the debut in the Arena and 40 from the debut at La Scala, 3000 performances, 72 roles – Roberto Tirapelle

The great baritone George Gagnidze is Nabucco at the Arena of Verona
INTERVIEW – The Georgian baritone, who will inaugurate the 95th edition of the Arena of Verona Festival as Nabucco on June 23, with two additional performances on June 29 and July 7, has already graced the stage of the Metropolitan Opera ninety times. Nabucco is an opera I feel very much”, explains Gagnidze, “because the words “Oh mia patria” (from “Va’ pensiero”) remind me the desire of independency of my country» – Roberto Tirapelle

The Cortella family, 100 years old typographer of the Opera in Arena
INTERVIEW – Antonio Cortella, 92 years: «Printing the posters, the brochures and then the annual book of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival. This was not just a job but a passion proceeding from the heart, and that’s the reason why we have become experts» – Marta Bicego

Charm and secrets of the backstage
INTERVIEW – Opera isn’t simply carried out on stage, under the spotlight and the eyes of the public. The Maestro Fabio Fapanni is going to unveil the magic that happens behind the scenes – Silvia Allegri

Cyrano’s nose reconstructed for Domingo in Tokyo
INTERVIEW – An interview with Cristina Oliboni, the woman in charge of the makeup team at the Fondazione Arena di Verona (Verona Arena Foundation). She and her colleagues apply the makeup to the artists before they go on stage – 
Zeno Massignan

Norma by Bellini and Csilla Boross’s first time in Verona
INTERVIEW– The Hungarian Soprano in Verona for one of the final shows of the season: « Verona’s setting has put together a cast and a team that delivers emotions that will echo throughout time» – Roberto Tirapelle

Aya Wakizono, technical skills and self-discipline for a passionate Romeo
INTERVIEW – The Japanese mezzosoprano on the stage of the Filarmonico for the Opera The Capulets and the Montagues of Vincenzo Bellini. She is defined as a young talent that initially started with Musical Theatre. «In the foreseeable future I would like to study Romantic authors, the French repertoire or some of Verdi’s operas more in depth» – Roberto Tirapelle