Silvia Allegri
Silvia Allegri, graduated in literature with a thesis about a 17th century singer. She has always loved all types of music, from opera to rock, and she has studied violin and piano since when she was very young. She lived in Vienna to study and work: there, she has been able to deepen her musical knowledge by enjoying the lively artistic environment of the city and by getting in touch with musicians from all over the world. A freelance journalist, she collaborates with several newspapers writing about culture, environment, animals, news.

Angela Bosetto
Angela Bosetto was born in Verona, she graduated in Literature at the University of Trento. She earned a master in Writing for Cinema in Gorizia and she published the essay “Seven Steps in terror. Edgar Allan Poe according to Roger Corman “(Perosini). A freelance journalist, she collaborates with the Rivista del Cinematografo and the newspaper L’Arena, dealing with literature, Cinema, history and opera.

Camilla Cortese
Camilla Cortese was born in 1982 in Verona. She hates numbers, but they speak faster than words, so … four languages, two degrees — one in journalism — eight newsrooms, seven jobs, one dismissal. Today she is a communications consultant and a freelance journalist. In addition, one house, two cats, thirty plants, millions of words in her head and two novels (for now).

Zeno Massignan
Zeno Massignan was born in Verona in 1988, he graduated in Literature specialising in History of Art. He is about to graduate in Art Management and Economy. He worked in marketing and communications offices for different museums. He practices and teaches judo, he is passionate about art and appreciates the conviviality and outdoor life.

Roberto Tirapelle
Roberto Tirapelle was born in Verona and graduated in Bologna. He is a journalist-publicist, international cinematographic critic and music scholar. He collaborates with the newspaper Mediartenews and he works as a press officer for important Veronese institutions. He wrote several books about cinema and music.