Norma, Vincenzo Bellini 2017-04, Filarmonico, Norma (Photo Ennevi, Fondazione Arena)

Yes, until our last hours, you will have me as your companion. To shelter us, to shelter us together the earth is wide, is wide enough. With you I will face the affronts of destiny, as long as I feel

INTERVIEW– The Hungarian Soprano in Verona for one of the final shows of the season: « Verona’s setting has put together a cast and a team that delivers emotions that will echo throughout time» – Norma by Vincenzo Bellini will debut

INTERVIEW – Antonio Cortella, 92 years: «Printing the posters, the brochures and then the annual book of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival. This was not just a job but a passion proceeding from the heart, and that’s the reason

The french director transforms into reality the patriotic message of the opera by Giuseppe Verdi, With more than 200 performances this opera is a colossal for the season of the Arena – The 95th edition of the Opera Festival 2017

The “Congress of the Great” was hosted in Verona in 1822. The sovereigns that took part were the same who restored the Ancien Régime in Europe after Napoleon’s defeat. For this occasion, Prince Metternich requested Gioachino Rossini to accompany the

The most fascinating “musical instrument” finds its glorification in Opera. Opera is possibly the most complete type of performance. The combination of music, acting and often dancing makes it a multidisciplinary artistic event. The success of such an event depends

When the first time is also the only time: here are the operas that were only performed during a single season at the Arena, never to be seen again. Or at least not yet. When one speaks of operas at

The Maestro, who is originally from Tuscany, has made a great contribution to the set design and the direction of Opera. He initially started in the fifties at La Scala Milan. He then passed through Covent Garden in London and