15 Maggio 2017
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Leo Nucci, the most praised Rigoletto ever

INTERVIEW – a 51 year long career, 40 years from the debut in the Arena and 40 from the debut at La Scala, 3000 performances, 72 roles –

We reached in Munich the legendary baritone Leo Nucci, where he was performing La Traviata at Bayerische Staatsoper.

– Maestro Nucci, before you began your career as a singer you were actually doing something else…
«For ten years I worked as a mechanic but I was also studying singing and music from 1951. On Sundays I worked in a bus company as a ticket agent on the 45 kilometers long route between Bologna and Zocca, and on the route between Modena and Montese, on the Appennine. I began playing the euphonium, a tenor horn in B flat, in the local musical band. I began to sing in 1957».

– Your first time in Verona was in 1977 with Romeo e Giulietta. The year after, in 1978, you played Sharpless in Madama Butterfly…
«I have a strange connection with Verona. My debut in the Arena was the first time that those operas were staged. They were Romeo e Giulietta and Madama Butterfly, that were brought on stage for the first time when I performed in then. The same thing happened that year at Teatro Filarmonico in Verona, with La bohème. Overall I performed more than one hundred times in the Arena. My first Rigoletto there was in 1991. I came back to play this role 45 times».

Roberto Tirapelle

Top photo: Leo Nucci, Rigoletto (Photo Roberto Ricci)

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Roberto Tirapelle

Roberto Tirapelle

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