21 Marzo 2017
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Opera in the Arena: story of the union between art and history

Melodrama ties the knot with the amphitheatre of Verona in 1913, and since then, Opera in the city of the Scaligeri has become something very unusual to describe. Something unique in the world.

There are many wonderful theatres in the world where Opera is performed at a high level. However, none of these can be compared to the Arena. In fact, this two thousand year old monument bonds perfectly with the power of melodramatic art. This bond gives life to an extraordinary and evocative charm. Opera arenamagazine aims to emphasize this union that has allowed the city of Verona to be known beyond its walls. It is addressed to an Italian as well as a foreign public, who have the desire to know more about technical details, news, curiosities and anecdotes about “the world” that only the Arena can offer in such measure. As a matter of fact, it is a truly unique world, with its crowds of spectators that every evening fill its steps, its thousands of artists, background artists and its workforce that produces the choreography and the performance. Each individual has their own life and artistic experience, and from our point of view, they all deserve to be unveiled through a story.

This Magazine will look through what is considered to be the big and small history of the amphitheatre, using two thousand years’ worth of testimonies (starting from the still visible roman inscriptions inside the Arena to the depositions of famous visitors such as Goethe, Ruskin, D’Annunzio, etc.). It goes without saying that it will talk about music, musicians and great artists that by performing on the stage of the Arena since 1913 have traced a mark in their career. The number of people that walked the stage of the amphitheatre is countless, and no other theatre in the world has staged so many talents; to name a few: from Beniamino Gigli to Maria Callas, from Renata Tebaldi to Mario del Monaco, Magda Olivero, to Plácido Domingo, Montserrat Caballé, Luciano Pavarotti, Renato Bruson, José Carreras, Maria Guleghina, Juan Pons.

This magazine is a start-up in the publishing field, a challenge through which we want to find out if it is possible to make business from culture without diminishing its value as a common good. The positive outcome of such a challenge will depend a lot on the local administration, and on how much investment is made available. However, it must be understood that this project will represent a different approach to the current promotion of the performances in the Arena.

Opera arenamagazine is a studio magazine that will grow in time, allowing who takes part in it to be an active influence in its creation and definition. It is open minded and has wide spread views, and it combines the work of the journalists to the voluntary contribution of experts. Luckily enough, there are many in Verona, thanks to the existence of institutions such as the l’Accademia di Belle Arti, l’Accademia Cignaroli, il Liceo Artistico Nani Boccioni, il Conservatorio Evaristo Felice dall’Abaco, Opera Academy Verona and other cultural associations in the city. However, the most important of them all is the Fondazione Arena that influences greatly the positive outcomes of this Festival, which is unique in the world.

In conclusion, in order to seize this peculiar moment in history, where synergy is crucial, we have adopted two strategies: translate the articles into English and develop contacts with neighbouring theatres. The two main ones are the Teatro alla Scala Milan and La Fenice Theatre Venice; where we will highlight the scheduled Operas and their particularly interesting events. This way we hope to ideally reposition through music our amphitheatre to the position it once held on the path of the ancient via Gallica.

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Top Photo: The Arena of Verona (Photo Ennevi, Fondazione Arena)



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