All the numbers of the Arena Opera Festival 2016
15 Dicembre 2016
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All the numbers of the Arena Opera Festival 2016

47 evenings of wonderful performances have enchanted an audience of over 370,000 people. The average attendance per night has increased 8.2% from 2015.

On Sunday, August 28, 2016, the 94th edition of the Verona Arena opera festival finished. Five of the world’s most beloved operas were on show in a venue made famous by its spectacular displays. The audience’s attraction is growing, with an increased attendance of 8.2% compared to 2015. The ticket office reports an average revenue of 467,239 euro per event and a season total of 21,960,243 euro. The average amount of spectators per performance was 1,783 with a total audience of 370,501.

«The Verona Arena opera festival 2016 has been extremely positive», stated Carlo Fuortes, the Special Commissioner of the Fondazione Arena (Arena Foundation). He continued, «The audience has demonstrated a great love for the Arena and even more people have come to the performances than were forecast by the foundation’s reorganisation plan. This is a tangible demonstration that opera at the Arena is a precious cultural asset that must be safeguarded, as it is unique and cannot be found elsewhere around the world. The 2016 edition that concludes with such success is a very important step in the foundation’s reorganisation process. My great thanks go to all of the foundation’s workers – artists, technicians and administrators – that have been so dedicated to this festival in such a complex phase of life for the institution».

The 94th Verona Arena opera festival started on June 24 with Carmen by Georges Bizet, planning 13 cinematografic performances, staged by Franco Zeffirelli. The three pieces of work by Verdi: Aida, under the guidance of Gianfranco de Bosio, who evokes the historical edition of 1913; La Traviata, led by Argentine director Hugo de Ana; and finally Il Trovatore, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Zeffirelli, from Florence, also directed Turandot, by Giacomo Puccini.

The show on the packed opening night was Aida, an opera that had an average attendance of 7,700 over 16 performances, with a total of 123,207 spectators, confirming its popularity with audiences. Carmen had an average of 8,055 spectators and a total of 104,711 over the course of 13 performances. La Traviata achieved a total of 58,891 over 8 performances, with an average of 7,361 spectators. Turandot, aided by the costumes of Academy Award winner Emi Wada, received a total of 44,088 spectators over 5 nights, with an average attendance of 8,818. Il Trovatore had an average audience of 6,573, with a total audience of 26,293 over 4 performances.

2016-07-13, Arena, Carmen (Photo Ennevi, Fondazione Arena)

2016-07-13, Arena, Carmen (Photo Ennevi, Fondazione Arena)

From July 18 to 22, Roberto Bolle and Friends returned to the opera festival for a third consecutive year. The dance event, which was nearly sold out with over over 13,000 spectators, took place on Verona’s stage next to the étoile of the Teatro alla Scala and the American Ballet Theatre, hosting international artists from prestigious European and American companies.

A variety of initiatives have been employed by the foundation to attain the public’s attention such as special rates for people over 65, under 30, affiliated associations and companies, and early booking discounts (about 8%) for those who booked before December 24, 2015 (a proposal that has also been confirmed for next year). Particular attention was turned towards young people through the Opera School and University initiative. Through this widespread endeavour the Fondazione Arena is aiming to engage more than just music lovers, but also the spectators of the future. In terms of sales channels, all age groups have shown a preference for booking their tickets online as opposed to traditional channels. 41.49% of the audience members purchased their tickets online, totalling more than 9 million euro, while 22.24% went to the box office, 31.53% turned to affiliated agencies and official points of sale, 3.87% chose to contact the call centre, and just 0.87% bought their tickets at banks.

It is also possible to examine the nationalities of those who bought tickets online. Of those 122,586 people, 30.27% were Italian, 18.86% were German, 11.02% were British, followed by the Dutch with 4.25%, the Swiss with 3.82% and, finally, Russia with 3.62%. This purchasing method was successful in part due to the efficiency of the e-ticketing system. This was made possible through this year’s strong partnership with UniCredit, which allowed customers who booked their tickets online to enter directly into the Arena through the use of optical barcode readers, without having to visit the box office to pick up their tickets. The Fondazione Arena di Verona also set up a publicity campaign dedicated to the indexing of their products on search engines.

The success of the 2016 festival is owed also to the world famous artists who performed in Verona’s amphitheatre, some of whom were making their Arena debut. However, those returning to the Arena’s stage include Luciana D’IntinoIrina LunguFrancesco DemuroNino MachaidzeJorge De LeónCarlo VentreEkaterina GubanovaAmarilli NizzaWalter FraccaroSebastian CatanaEkaterina BakanovaGabriele VivianiOksana DykaDonata D’Annunzio LombardiSimone PiazzolaMaria José SiriHui HeSusanna BranchiniArtur RucinskiDalibor JenisAmbrogio MaestriIldikó Komlosi, and Violeta Urmana, to name but a few. Among those performing for the first time at the Arena were Yusif EyvazovMurat KarahanAgunda KulaevaAlida BertiFrancesca SepeCarmen TopciuFrancesca SassuMikheil Sheshaberidze, and Stefano La Colla.

Those leading the orchestra were Daniel OrenJulian KovatchevFabio Mastrangelo, and Andrea Battistoni, as well as the debuts of Jader Bignamini and Xu Zhong.

2016-07-13, Arena, Carmen (Photo Ennevi)




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